Shalaco Photography  and biography text courtesy of  Studio BBA .

Shalaco Photography and biography text courtesy of Studio BBA.

Anand approaches architecture from a strong conceptual and artful point of view. He has the invaluable ability to quickly distill and interpret a clear, strong aesthetic vision from a client’s program, and to create a sense of discovery through design. Through gorgeous hand sketches, architectural drawings and diagrammatic design representations, he instinctually knows the best way to communicate design information and concepts so that his clients and project teams find purpose and direction without diverting from the project goals.

Approaching architecture as an art practice was intentional from the start of Anand’s path, moving to San Francisco at a young age and committing to architectural education within an art school so that he would be steeped in that frame of mind. He brings this artistic perspective to his design work on highly crafted interiors of all project types, as well as to the studio’s internal process of researching and assembling inspiration at the inception of each project.

Anand manages Studio BBA’s external communications, marketing and studio events, represents the firm in the community, and is a leader of the firm’s culture—bringing his humor to daily worklife and staff activities. An engaged urban dweller and observer, his experience of city life is akin to his design explorations—seeking to understand the parts leads to a holistic understanding of how environments can do better for the people they serve.

Anand is a licensed architect in the State of California and an Associate at Studio BBA. In 2011, he received a Bachelors of Architecture with Distinction from California College of the Arts. He received the AIA Scholarship for Emerging Leadership and attended travel studio courses in the Netherlands, Shanghai and Brazil.

Fun fact: he is also a registered marriage officiant in the State of California.

Anand lives in San Francisco, CA, USA. Get in touch.